May. 25th, 2010

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Remix of Gum Fight by [ profile] melissima 

Title: Gum Fight (The Sibling Rivalry Remix)
Pairing/Characters: Don/Charlie
Rating/Category: NC-17
Word Count: 1067
Spoilers: None specifically
Warnings: Eppescest, misuse of chewing gum ;)
Disclaimer: Numb3rs and its characters do not belong to me. If they did, there would be more kissing.
Summary: 1 frustrating road trip, 2 annoyed brothers, 3 bad habits, and an 8-piece pack of gum

Author Notes and Thanks: I initially wrote this fic as a token of love for braintwin of awesome, Melissima, and the N100 Holiday Remixathon. I wasn't satisfied with the result so I shoved it in my brain's back pocket and decided to save it until the day it was worthy of being a love token. Today is such a day. <3

Special Thanks to betas [ profile] emmademarais   and [ profile] penguingal who helped to make my fic better. They are made of awesome. Any errors or typos are my own.

Dedicated to Melissima, an ever-giving source of compassion, inspiration, brillance, and just plain old fun.


Gum Fight (The Sibling Rivalry Remix) )



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