Sep. 28th, 2020

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So most of you may recognize me as [info]t_vo0810, a reformed lurker in the fandoms of Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Bandom, and others.  I never post on my personal journal cause it's just there mainly so I can comment on other clever people's LJs, but, as a clever, brilliant woman reminded me, I once commented that I hoped one day to be brave enough to post some fanfic of my own. Due to the amazing support of the fabulous friends I have made on LJ, I finally am.

Please Note: I do not mind it a bit if you link or rec anything on my fic journal here on LJ, on DW or bookmarking sites like However, do not link or crosspost anything on my fic journal or my personal journal outside of LJ/DW/Delicious (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc) without my explicit permission. Thank you for reading my journals - I love to share them with fellow fen, but I prefer to keep its content here on LJ (or DW) in the fandom where they belong.

Be Warned
: adults concepts are certain, i will do my best to warn for triggers and squicks but proceed at your own risk, and quality of fic is not guaranteed. My personal belief regarding fic, books, music, film, art, etc is best summed up by Akira Kurosawa: "To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes." Consider that a warning for subjects and content you find objectionable or offensive. If you are still game enough to wanna read what's mine, then here you go:

Drowning Out Your Love Series:
Charlie finds a new way to cope with the hurt from his feelings of unrequited not-so- brotherly love
Misery Loves Company: Billy/Charlie
Sometimes Love Don't Feel Like It Should: Billy/Charlie
              Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Billy/Charlie

Remix of On The Sand (The Solar System Remix):Billy/Charlie
              Summary: Billy and Charlie are finally alone on a private beach.  

Remix of Gum Fight (The Sibling Rivalry Remix):Don/Charlie
              Summary: 1 frustrating road trip, 2 annoyed brothers, 3 bad habits, and an 8-piece pack of gum

Remix of Sometimes You Hear The Bullet Coming (The Russian Assassins Remix): Gen (Charlie/Amita)
              Summary: No one even knows Charlie's in danger.

Love Unraveling Masterpost: Don/Charlie (Eppescest) 
Summary: ?
              Story Art and CD Cover Art Link: On EmmaDemarais' personal LJ

Work in Progress:
Brother Mine (co-authored by 
[info]melissima  and posted at [info]deuxplumes )
              Summary:It's the turn of the twentieth century, and Deputy US Marshal Don Eppes is tasked with investigating a series of disappearances in Pasadena. Residents are convinced the disappearances are the work of a local recluse who Don learns is his pale and sickly brother, Charlie.
              Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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