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Written for Numb3rs_Novella

Title: Love Unraveling
Pairing/Characters: Charlie/Don
Rating: NC17
Word-count: ~90K
Spoilers: Season 1
Summary: If Charlie is going to get Don to stay in LA, he has to show Don that he can be a better brother.
Warnings: Consensual sibling incest, Sexually explicit scenes
Author Notes: Beta assistance provided by the dynamic duo of [personal profile] melissima and [personal profile] emmademarais. Emma is also the freakin’ brilliant artist extraordinaire who created such lovely story art and CD cover art to gaze upon and went above and beyond to give me sweet little extras like that fabulous icon and those pretty banners. Please click on Art link and let her know how beautiful her art is. Special thanks and extra gushing down to my supporters below in the comment section.  This story begins a few months prior to beginning of Season 1 and continues through the last episode.

Artist masterlink and feedback post: On EmmaDemarais' personal LJ
Story Links:
Chapter 1: Prologue and Pilot
Chapter 2: Uncertainty Principle
Chapter 3: Vector
Chapter 4: Structural Corruption Part 1, Part 2
Chapter 5: Sabotage
Chapter 6: Counterfeit Reality Part 1, Part 2
Chapter 7: Identity Crisis
Chapter 8: Sniper Zero Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Chapter 9: Man Hunt and Epilogue
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