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Title: Best Laid Plans of Fathers and Eardrums
Pairing/Characters: David/Colby
Rating: PG
Word Count: 190
Prompt: #331 Mute
Summary: Best intentions go out the window when faced with a crying baby in the Granger-Sinclair household.
Spoilers: None.
Notes/Warnings: This drabble was the first I wrote in the verse of the Granger-Sinclair family. For those who don't know, I have head canon that post-series David decided his promotion cost him too much, rushed back to Colby, begged his forgiveness, and proposed all the same day. Few years later, David's in charge of his own team, and Colby has cut back on his hours so he can be at home more with their baby girl. 
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me except for the wee clever baby. ;)

Big thank yous to my beta, [personal profile] melissima, and my best supporters, [personal profile] emmademarais   [personal profile] swingandswirl, and LJ user [livejournal.com profile] mustangcandi   for all their encouragement.

David removes his ear plugs with a sigh. Finally, the apartment is blissfully quiet. Running a hand over his scalp, he stands up and grabs his mug off his desk. The paperwork will keep for now. Stepping quietly out of his home office, he creeps into the kitchen, careful not to make any needless noise as he steeps two cups of tea. He pauses at the doorway of their living room, a soft smile gracing his lips as he takes in the lovely sight. Amid the debris of baby toys and laundry waiting to be folded, his gorgeous partner lies dozing on the sofa with their sleeping daughter curled on his bare chest. Setting the extra cup on the coffee table, David leans over to drop a kiss on her head before tapping lightly on the pacifier moving softly in her mouth. He lifts his eyebrow in question as he meets Colby’s drowsy gaze.  

Colby shrugs best he can with the slumbering child sprawled across him. “I know we agreed to wean her off it, babe, but there’s no way we’re getting through the terrible twos without a mute button.”
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