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Title: Keeping a Close Watch
Pairing/Characters: David/Colby
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 295
Summary: David learns the joys of home ownership.
Spoilers: None.
Notes/Warnings: This drabble is the fourth I've written the Granger-Sinclair family 'verse. For those who don't know, I have head canon that post-series David decided his promotion cost him too much, rushed back to Colby, begged his forgiveness, and proposed all the same day. Few years later, David's in charge of his own team, and Colby has cut back on his hours so he can be at home more with their three-year-old daughter and infant son.
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me except for the wee clever babies. ;)
This drabble is published completely unbeta'd. I must be crazy. Blame mustangcandi as this drabble is entirely her fault. 

David creeps silently out of his napping son’s room. He can hear Julia cheerily babbling along with that little crab on the Disney video she got for her 3
rd birthday last week. Or is it a lobster? Sometimes, it feels surreal that this is David’s life now: a new house in a kid-friendly subdivision with his husband, an infant and a strong-willed toddler intent on adopting the stray cat living under their house. It’s the whole American dream he’s had since boyhood – with all its unspoken frustrations too.

Groaning to himself, David rubs his tired eyes and checks today’s to-do list on his phone. It’s only been a month since they moved in, but already there’s an endless list of errands and home projects. He knows his little family had largely outgrown their apartment in the city, but sometimes he misses the simple days of calling the super whenever the shower drain clogged or the garbage disposal stopped working.

Drifting through the kitchen to snag Julia her afternoon snack, he catches some movement out the corner of his eye. Walking over to their dining room’s bay window, he sees Colby, shirtless and sweating in the summer sun, as he pushes their new mower across the lawn in wide green swaths. David can’t help but freeze for a moment, watching the perspiration trail down the shifting muscles of his husband’s back as he wrestles with the mower. His mouth goes dry, and he’s overcome with the urge to chase each bead with his tongue. Grabbing his phone again, David makes a reminder to stop at the garden nursery on his way home tomorrow. It’s well worth the price of a vegetable garden if it garners this view of his husband, golden and glistening, every weekend.


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